Making The Decision To Own A Gun

Thinking of owning your first firearm and trying to make the decision to own a gun? You’ve come to the right place!

I know the decision to own a gun is a very serious and complicated one and I commend you for educating yourself by looking into it thoroughly. Whether you are thinking about firearms for protecting yourself, loved ones, home or as a recreational activity, there are many things to consider.

decision to own a gun -3 steps

The Decision To Own A Gun

Every life-changing decision has to start somewhere.  Presented here is a 3 stage process to guide you through making the right decision for you. However, before you begin, I would recommend that you read the stories on the Women’s Survival Stories page. They are powerful, real-life stories and testimonials that are quite inspirational.



Have you gone through Step 1 and believe that a firearm is a valid option for you? Then continue on…

If however, you have come to the end of this step and have decided a firearm is not a tool of self-protection that is right for you, you can rest in the fact that you have made a decision based on information and thoughtful consideration not emotion. Please consider other tools and methods for your self-defense.







You just reviewed quite a bit of important information. Are you ready to move forward with this decision? Will you become the owner of a firearm? If so, read on and begin your life as a responsible American gun-owning woman.








Congratulations, you now have a firm foundation of knowledge and skills, but the journey is just beginning. You have made the decision to adopt a new way of life therefore,  continued training and practice will be ongoing. Your new skills are perishable and will fade with lack of use so, it’s important that you keep your knowledge and skills growing. I recommend you find a TWAW Shooting Chapter near you or a qualified female instructor near you.