Concealed Carry For Women

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Concealed Carry for Women –  Online Course

Welcome to the first and only online concealed carry course made just for women!

I’ve been there and I know the struggle. I also know how difficult it is to find accurate and trustworthy teaching in the realm of women’s concealed carry. In this course, I will answer your questions and teach you helpful tricks and tips you need to be a confident concealed carrier. No more endless searching for answers. They’re all here.

Once purchased, you will have access to the course for 1 year. I will also provide you with course materials to support and reinforce all that you learn from the videos. In addition, you will be able to reach out to me directly with questions on any of the covered course materials or lessons.

I am so glad you are here! Let’s get started.


This course does not certify you to carry your gun nor does it supply you with a concealed carry license. You must abide by all local and state laws. 

Course Content

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What is Concealed Carry?
Concealed Carry Mindset
Personal Concealed Carry System
Drawing From a Holster
Concealed Carry Holsters
Dressing for Concealed Carry
Frequently Asked Questions about Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry Laws and Insurance
Training and Practice for Concealed Carry
Section 11: Conclusion