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Orian’s Momma

Let me begin by saying I was raised on a farm and in a family of firearm enthusiasts. At a very early age I was taught gun safety, technique, and operation. My respect of a firearm and its ability to take a life with one pull of the trigger is absolute. I received my 9mm after I became a mother. I applied for my permit and began to carry every time I left my home.
My son and I were on our way to see my good friend’s mother who was ill, we had become close so we made frequent visits to see her and run errands for her as well. I was turning onto a rural road and unfortunately had a yelling baby in the backseat so I was in second gear upon turning when I should have been in first. The driver in the SUV behind me became agitated, tailgated me, and eventually floored it and passed me while flipping me off and having their passenger yell obscenities out the window. I paid no mind to it, my son who had just had his right kidney removed two months prior was in the car and I wasn’t going to give them another reason to act irrationally.
Once I pulled into the tiny town I was traveling to I pulled into the post office to grab a money order. I exited my vehicle only to realize the Road Ragers were in the parking lot too and the passenger, a grown man twice my size, jumped out of his vehicle and started to confront me. Before I got two words out of my mouth the driver, apparently the passenger’s girlfriend flew out of the post office and began chest bumping me and screaming in my face that she was going to beat my skull into the ground. I began to retreat to my vehicle after they ignored my request for them to cease and desist. I repeated many times I felt threatened and that I had my toddler in the car. They didn’t seem to care because they had a school aged boy in their vehicle who had exited when the man confronted me.
I continued to my vehicle turning my back to the both of them, they pinned me between my open car door and door jam of my vehicle. They were now both in my face screaming. They were twice my size and come to find out almost twice my age. I glanced in my backseat and saw my child was screaming hysterically and had vomited all over himself. At that point I felt I was in Extreme danger, they were within arms reach of my child acting violently, erratically, and threatening my life. I had no other choice; I pulled my 9mm Ruger LC9 and dialed 911.
The operator advised me to climb in the backseat with my son and lock all my doors. I had to wait 15 minutes for the police to show up all the while this couple was menacing me outside my vehicle. When the police showed up they took my gun, my ID, and my permit. I related to them my story, which took all of five minutes. They then spent the next twenty minutes chatting in a friendly manner with the couple who they let go. The LEO then called me an idiot, said I had poor judgment, returned my firearm, and told me to proceed on. I have always had respect for police officers and called them that day to help me, all they did was insult my intelligence and send me on my way. No report was made and I spent the rest of the day in an absolute stupor going over the events in my head repeatedly.
No mother ever wants to pull her firearm; no parent ever wants to imagine what could have happened had they not been able to protect themselves. I lost some respect for LEOs that day, but I realized that if it comes right down to it I will do what’s necessary to ensure my son’s safety and my own. This was nearly a year ago and still weighs heavy on my mind but without my 9mm I’m sure a beating would have ensued and who knows whether or not I’d be here to tell you this story.

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