Where Do I Start?

Never Afraid Again

I have always liked guns but it’s been years since I owned one and as a single person, I thought the expense was more than I could handle in my budget.
A few weeks ago at 12:38 am I was awakened by the electricity going off in my house (currently living in a small camper with my little dog). Then someone pounded on the outside of the camper. I lay there, frozen in terror until the pounding happened again. I called 911 and stayed on the phone with the dispatcher until the police arrived. After the police checked out the area – and found nothing – I did some serious thinking and realized that only I can really protect myself. The next day’s review of security cameras showed 2 young men had been wandering the property, looking in windows and trying to open doors. It was horrifying to watch them approach my camper, knowing that things could have turned out so badly. At that moment I vowed to never be that helpless again. I am taking a class for my permit this Saturday and buying a Glock 42 from the instructor. Ladies please realize that the police can’t protect you. If those men had gotten inside the camper I could have been dead in the minutes it took for the cops to arrive. I won’t be afraid again.

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