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Walk with Confidence

Walk with Confidence

Many years ago I was walking at our local high school track on my lunch break. The track wasn’t near the school and had to be entered through only one gate. Chain link surrounded the track with all other gates locked.

A local homeless man entered the gate as I was on the opposite side of the football field. He just stood there and watched me. I was frightened and surely didn’t want to go out that gate. So I worked out a plan…I watched the nearby office building to see if anyone was coming or going. Nothing. And then my hero the local UPS man drove up and jumped out with a package. I ran toward the fence and shouted to get his attention. He heard me and came to the gate to meet me.

I went the next day and got a concealed carry permit and a S and W airweight 38. Now I have confidence


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One thought on “Walk with Confidence

  1. Aim says:

    Wouldn’t be illegal to carry on school property? Or you not walking on school track while carrying?

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