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“We Just Finished Some Target Practice”

During my early 20’s I lived alone in a nice little one-bedroom apartment. My neighbors were 4 men in their 30’s and 40’s. They were brought in from out of state to build the new shopping center down the road. In their first month of living there, these men had verbally harassed all the ladies. So much so, that we traveled to the onsite laundry room and the garbage cans in pairs. Afraid to be caught alone with these guys.

Harassing me personally

One day they were especially rowdy after an entire day of drinking. They encountered me coming home from work. They harassed me by asking me to come “service” them (I’m sure you can imagine what their exact request was). As I was heading inside, I heard one of them threaten  “she’s skinny, we could take her”.

A few hours later they came pounding on my door, laughing and calling me disgusting names, threatening that they were going to come in and show me how to have some fun. I called the police who came and took a report but couldn’t locate the offenders.

No Rest

Scared, I didn’t sleep a wink that night or the next. When I told my friend about my issue, he brought over a shotgun, set up my hiding spot, and hung out for a bit. The next night as I was going to bed, I heard two of the men whispering outside of my bedroom window and testing the screen. I calmly grabbed that shotgun, walked over to my window, racked that gun as loud as I could, and yelled at them to leave.

I still laugh about the sounds of them running away and locking their door. The next day my friend came over with some more guns, which we made a point to clean on a little card table set up outside my front door. The guys came outside, my friend told them “we just finished some target practice”. I didn’t have any more issues. They even apologized for getting carried away and harassing me.  I bought my own shotgun shortly after that and have been a big proponent of women arming themselves when at home.

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  1. Debra says:

    This was sad but funny. Congratulations.

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