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Mistaken Identity

Parking lot attack

Recently, I was pulling out of my apartment complex to pick up food for my roommate and me. As I was leaving this girl waved me down. She was about my age in her early twenties and seemed a little frazzled like she needed help .So, I slow down, still in the apartment complex parking lot which isn’t in a sketchy area.

The girl asks me if I have a black dog when I roll my window down. My brain jumps to did someone’s dog get loose did these girls lose a dog? So I was like yeah and didn’t think much of it as I knew mine was safe in my apartment. The girl asked where I came from and I gestured casually to my building which, was my biggest mistake.

The girl then said she had another question for me and I kinda cocked my head to the side and said ok what’s up? She looked at me dead in the eye and said why are you racist. I’m taken aback at this point because I’ve never met these girls before and this encounter hasn’t seemed racist at all to me. I calmly said I’m sorry I’m not. And she insisted I was and asked me why again. I repeated my answer and she said “really woman to woman, why are you racist?” I said I wasn’t and was getting very nervous at this point.

She then asked me why I was f***ing with her cousin and punched me in the face through the open window. I sped off before she could hit me again, while her friend that was with her, recorded the encounter.

I rushed to my apartment mangers office where she locked me inside and called the police. She went out with her own gun to find who attacked me. I wished at that point I’d taken my parent’s advice to keep a gun in my apartment and car since it’s an extension of my home until I could officially conceal carry in November.

Turns out, they attacked me thinking I was the girl who lives below their cousin and got her evicted for moving in without an official lease and for assaulting the other women. I live on the top floor and I look nothing like my downstairs neighbor. The only thing they knew was the direction I came from and that I had a black dog.

A week from now,  when I’m typing this, I will be going home where my dad will be teaching me to shoot his 9 mm and I will be armed leaving my apartment until this is sorted out.

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