Where Do I Start?

Situation in My Favor

Before I share my parking lot attack, some history. I have 5 kids and a disabled husband. My husband has always been a huge 2A advocate and carries everywhere he can. He had been mugged years ago after being out to eat with his friends at an establishment that didn’t allow conceal carry. After that, he urged me to get my concealed carry and train.

Learning About Guns

He took me to the range, helped me in looking up laws and regulations, and eventually I learned about TWAW at a gun show. I joined a local group for a bit but ended up not being able to continue due to his medical needs and our finances. He was recovering from one of his surgeries and wasn’t able to watch the kids when I would go to the store, so I took them with me.

Walmart Parking Lot

We were leaving our local Walmart early one Saturday and in the parking lot, I just didn’t feel right, like we were being watched. I told my kids to stay close to me, which they know means something isn’t safe.

My oldest always takes my car keys and gets everyone in for me while I pack groceries away. That day though, I was really anxious, call it intuition. So, I stood behind her at the door and waited to put groceries away. As she’s getting in, I notice 2 men get out of a truck parked a bit away from us. they started walking towards me. I told her to lock the door and do not open it. I rounded to my trunk to start putting groceries in when one started walking around the far side of the row of parked cars.


The one coming towards me asked if I had any cash. I replied no. He kept walking closer across the parking lot, not saying anything but staring at me. It felt more threatening when they weren’t talking than it did when he was. I had to step away from my car to keep both men in my sight and I yelled at them to ‘stay away, I had nothing for them’. They stopped moving but started laughing.

The one closest to me, about 3 parking spots away now, said I had to have something of value on me somewhere. At that point, I knew I wasn’t safe and I drew my gun. I told them to leave now or I would shoot. The guy closest to me took me seriously and started jogging back to the truck. The one rounding my car didn’t move but glared at me. He looked in my car, I guess saw my daughter on my cell phone, and left. I rounded one of the empty cars next to mine to keep something between us but kept my gun at the ready until they left.

It felt like an eternity when it was happening but the whole event could only have taken a few minutes at most. I’m so glad my husband urged me to get training and that I found TWAW so I was comfortable and confident with my gun. I’m grateful that we took the time to teach our kids gun safety and how to react in certain situations.

Witnesses in the parking lot

There were other people around in the parking lot that day, walking right past without a second glance, but no one stopped to help. The police took a half-hour to arrive after my daughter called, during the incident, and couldn’t do much because nothing actually “happened”. I was so mad at them, all the adrenaline running through my body and emotions running through my mind after it was all over. And they couldn’t do anything.

I’m thankful I didn’t have to shoot that day in the Walmart parking lot, but I’m beyond glad I had my gun and the basic training to put the situation in my favor and not theirs. Who knows how it would have turned out had I not been paying attention, trusted my gut, and was unharmed.



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