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Over 29 Minutes Later

Protect my daughter

I was 8 months pregnant with my baby girl. I heard my dog going crazy and someone was trying to break through our glass basement door!

The dog wasn’t enough to deter the break-in, so I drew my gun and called 911. I did not want to shoot and I begged 911 to get there quick so I wouldn’t have to, but I would do anything to protect my unborn daughter. 911 came over 29 minutes later and I had my daughter early from the stress but she is safe and healthy and perfect! I really believe this would not be the case if I weren’t able to draw a gun. I am beyond grateful for my daughter and the right to protect her.

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2 thoughts on “Over 29 Minutes Later

  1. Marie says:

    Did you have your baby right then?! Sorry, that’s how the story sounded! I’m so glad it all turned out well and that you and your baby were safe. I would do the same thing. Shooting is always a last resort.

  2. Debra Bonaparte says:

    Question. Was the perpetrator someone you knew? Were they still there when 911 finally arrived?

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