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Am I Ever Really Safe?

My scary elevator ride

Three years ago my husband and I were on our honeymoon. We were staying in a hotel and he had gone down to the car to load some of our stuff. A few minutes later I headed down. I stepped into the elevator and I noticed a man step in quickly after me. As the elevator doors shut I immediately felt sick.

I had been in self-defense classes at the time so I started thinking through the training and slowly moved my feet and hands into a protective stance. Then the man jumped towards me. His hands were reaching for my throat but before he could touch me I hit him and yelled. Seconds later the elevator door opened and he ran out.

I was thankful the elevator door opened just then, but thoughts kept running through my mind “what if it didn’t? What if he pushed the alarm button and locked the elevator shut? What if he was stronger than me? Would I have survived had I not fought him off? ” I had so many questions but the biggest one was “If this man would try this in a busy hotel on a short 3 floor elevator ride, then am I ever really safe?”

As much as it hurts to say, the answer really is no. You can be attacked anywhere, even at home, even in a crowded place. Ever since that day I have conceal carried on my person at all times. Some people tell me it’s overkill and I live in Idaho so I shouldn’t have to worry. I tell those people that I don’t worry BECAUSE I carry.


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