Gun Finder by The Well Armed Woman

Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Gun with The TWAW Gun Finder!

The ONLY online gun quiz that asks for details specific to YOU and suggests guns based on YOUR unique characteristics.

The Well Armed Woman Gun Finder asks 14 questions about how you will use the gun, your personal preferences, your physical characteristics, and your actual hand measurements  (you will need a ruler or cloth tape measure).

Once completed, you will be provided a list of suggested firearms best suited for you! Providing you with the best gun models to tr. This will help you to narrow down your search to find the very best gun! (the number of models you receive will vary based on your answers)

Your suggested model list will also have links to reviews written by other women to assist you with your research!

We recommend printing your list to take with you to your local gun store to try each gun to see which one feels best to you!

Disclaimer: These results are recommendations only and based on your answers. The Well Armed Woman Gun Finder database doesn’t include all of the firearms available and only you can determine the right gun for you. We collect no payment from any gun manufacturer for inclusion in this tool. We encourage you to try these models at a local shooting range and conduct your own research.

The Well Armed Woman Gun Finder

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Gun Finder

Are you new to guns? We have a great online course developed for the beginner handgun owner. Women & Guns: The Basics is a great place to become comfortable with handgun safety and handling.