The obsession that saved mt life
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The Obsession That Saved My Life

The Obsession That Saved My Life

A survival story submitted by Wanda

July 2016 something came over me and I decided I wanted a gun. I had been seeing too many home invasion stories on the news. That’s what urged me to go buy one. I just couldn’t imagine sitting in my living room feeling like having to worry about anything like that.

Sept 2016 first handgun bought online safety class, and permit to carry. While working 2 jobs I used any spare time I had on YouTube and reading articles. I asked my cop buddies and other carriers questions and spent time  target practicing.  Any and all questions I could think of to learn about carrying.

Jan 2017 while working alone and right before midnight I had a gun put to my head and was told ‘to go lock the doors. I was being robbed.’ I did everything I was supposed to do while being robbed per 7 Eleven’s policy but that wasn’t good enough for him. Thug forced me to my vehicle and attempted to take me somewhere. Well, guess what…that obsession I had 5 months earlier saved my life. So yes people, CARRY! My 7 Eleven store that I no longer work at was known for cops always hanging out and the thought of getting robbed never really entered my mind. It was those home invasions I was worried about. Oh and one more thing I’d like to say is… lucky for him I didn’t know about hollow points or shop placement yet.


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