Where Do I Start?

The Mentality of a Gun Owner

I have always practiced situational awareness (something that family/friends always poked fun at me for doing) and at the age of 24, I was gifted my first gun from my then-boyfriend. I had practiced often with him and was always told never to pull your gun unless you intend to use it.

Using My Situational Awareness

Three years after we were married, I was taking our 10-month-old baby on some errands. His car seat was secured in the back seat of our small car and as I was approaching a stoplight. Using my situational awareness, I noticed a man crossing. He began watching the light and slowed his walk almost as though he was trying to be stopped by the light. My instincts of the feeling of danger started knotting up in my gut. So, I unzipped my purse where my gun was and double-checked my doors to ensure they were still locked.

My Instincts Were Right

As I slowed to the stop, the man started walking away and quickly turned and sprinted towards my backside door, where our baby was located. So, I began yelling and drew my gun pointing it at the man who was now trying to open the door. He glanced in at me with glazed eyes and realized I had my gun pointed at him.  He immediately threw his arms in the air and jumped back.

I Got Away

I floored the gas running the red light to get away. This left me shaken by the whole ordeal and know that if I did not have situational awareness and a firearm, he would have broken the glass to get in. My family, who did not own firearms asked afterward why I did not shoot. I used my gun to protect us just enough to get away without the use of deadly force.

Gun owners understand the mentality and the responsibility that goes with owning that firearm and the importance of situational awareness. I pray I never have to pull that trigger but I know if needed – I will.


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