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A Gun Would Have Spoken Much Sooner

Attack at my apartment

I was just 21, a transplant in Manhattan, 4:30 on a Friday afternoon.  Walking down east 79th street crossing over to 82nd at 2nd Ave., I felt that I was being followed but ignored my intuition. Getting closer to the double-entry door of the apartment building I heard, chanting “it’s payday, it’s payday…”

Not looking back,  I opened the first set of apartment doors and saw the reflection of two young much bigger boys entering behind me. I put my key for the locked door away. With me I had a shoulder bag and an old-fashioned umbrella, the kind with a long metal pointy stick on the end.

I remember asking or saying something like, “you don’t belong here.” They wanted me to open the door. Instead, I rang every apartment bell. No one answered. The boys pulled out knives and lunged towards me in the small Lobby. All I had was the umbrella which I held tightly while trying to stab at them. I got one in the crotch. Both were off and running.

My fear caused me to leave a budding career and NYC. I took self-defense prior to this event which I believe saved my life that day at the apartment. A gun would have spoken much sooner with less trauma to me.

I’m still a small petite lady under 5 feet. Other incidents have happened since that time. At 67, I realize a gun maybe my best defense as be well as be very aware of my surroundings.

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