Where Do I Start?

Making The Decision: Part 1 – Do I Need a Gun?

Do I Need a Gun?

So, where do you even start to answer the question, “do I need a gun?” You know you want to stay safe, protect your loved ones, and maybe, most of all, not let yourself become a victim. So, do you just go out and get a gun?

I know what you are going through, I have been there! I have also been through this same overwhelming feeling.  Now I want to help you.

The decision to own a gun is a very serious and complicated one and I commend you for starting here and educating yourself first. There are many aspects of gun ownership and I am here to guide you along the way.

The Decision to Own a Gun

do i need a gun?

Every life-changing decision has to start somewhere and that somewhere is here. There are 5 parts to this series that will go through the overview of what you need to think about when it comes to this life-changing decision. Along with making the decision to own a gun, you will become educated on the laws, the parts and pieces of a firearm, and every topic about responsible gun ownership.

You can learn this, and you can protect yourself.

Let’s get started.

The very first question you have to ask yourself is “do I need a gun?”  Take a look at your neighborhood and the places which you frequent and ask “Do mom with child: do i need a gun?I feel safe there?” Consider how you look and carry yourself and think to yourself “Am I an easy target to be victimized?” Think about you daily activities and routines of a typical day and wonder “Do I feel safe?” In my article Do You Need a Gun? I go through the specifics on what types of questions you should ask yourself and how you decide how to answer this. After you answer this seemly tough question, the next question is even harder.

“Could you use it?”

Sure, you could easily pull a trigger and can hit a paper target. However, if it came down to it and your life depended on it, could you pull that same trigger on a gun aimed on another human being? Now that is a hard question to answer. In the article Could You Use It? I help put this in perspective and help you really think about this question, as well as how to be true to yourself and answer honestly.

Phew… the really hard part is over. Preparing mentally to own a gun is a hard process. You have to be honest and true to yourself and feelings.

If you cannot answer yes to those questions, THAT IS OK! I have also compiled information on how to prepare and protect yourself without a firearm. Please take a look at our Personal Protection area of the website.

What is Next?

business woman: do i need a gun?So, you have answered “yes” to needing a gun and being able to use it, now you are asking “what’s next?” I suggest looking into laws. You need to know what is expected of you as a gun owner in the area you live. In my article Guns & The Law – Overview I go over key terms that you will need to know. Now remember that every state is different. In some places the laws can differ depending on which county you’re in. You WILL need to do research on your areas. However, I offer some great resources in our Guns & The Law section of The Well Armed Woman.

The decision to own a gun is a difficult one to wrestle with, and requires a lot of learning. Not just learning what your local laws say about owning a firearm, but also learning what you need for your self-protection and what you are capable of doing in an emergency situation. With that education and understanding of your needs, you have made it here to the next step of gun ownership. Here is the next section to making the decision Making The Decision Part 2: What Do I Need to Know?

Take a Course

Take a look at our online course that teaches all the basics of gun ownership from the comfort of your own home! We go over topics such as how a gun works, gun safety, how to shoot a gun and much more!

Women & Guns: The Basics – everything you need to know in one place, on your own schedule and made specifically for women!

Find out more about Women & Guns: The Basics by clicking HERE

Keep Reading

Here is the next section to making the decision Making The Decision Part 2: What Do I Need to Know?

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7 thoughts on “Making The Decision: Part 1 – Do I Need a Gun?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried to buy a gun at a gun store in Los Angeles in the early 90s and was drugged and rayped by the sales guys. My mastiff was poisoned. The knife and mace I had next to my bed was used against me and stolen by a cleaner who was routinely hired by LE. Still tempting to get a gun but statistically more likely to be used against me or to frame me and it doesn’t prevent being drugged. If they want to get you, they will.

  2. Laurie Mastrodonato says:

    My husband was diagnosed with ALS and Myasthenia Gravis in 2020. He is progressing and no longer able to protect me and our home. Our children are grown and out of the house so it is just the 2 of us. We have an alarm system and a very protective Australian Sheppard but somehow I would feel more comfortable with a gun on my night stand. Our neighborhood is going downhill and no longer feels safe. I need to protective my husband and our home and would like to learn how to successfully use a gun

  3. Decided to get a pistol, when we got the new President.
    We literally have no idea, what is going to happen now.

    We need to protect ourselves.

    I’ve never even considered it until now.
    Never thought I’d have too.

    So anyway, here we go!
    And here I go, to learn things that I never thought I’d have to take into consideration.


    1. Cara Bishop says:

      Women have been the target of violence and oppression forever! Over the last 6 years it seems we have lost ground. Worldwide and in this country, we keep disappearing and our bodies found, with evidence of rape and torture. I feel shocked that some “all of a sudden” noticed this, and are equating it with a new person in office!!! What bizarre and narrow thinking.

  4. redel says:

    Where is the ideal place in your home to keep your weapon, either pistol or long-gun, if you don’t want to carry it around the house all the time with you? We have an inquisitive grandson who visits almost every day and naturally we want the gun to be stored in a way that it is not accessible to him. How can we ensure that an unauthorized person will not have access to it yet it will be readily available if we need it to drive off the bad hombre?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Great question! Here is a good article on different ways you can safely store your gun, Click Here to read the article.

  5. Craig Cohea says:

    I’ve made this decision As an former Marine I feel comfortable with a gun & using it. I know it’s not for everyone but with the state of this society I think it’s a good idea if you’re willing to go through training.

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