Where Do I Start?

You Just Never Know

Going Fishing

I was fishing in a couple of places by myself while my boyfriend was out to sea for a bit. He’s in the U.S. Navy. Ever since I got my CCP and my CCW I never thought I would really need it until this one day.

I decided to fish somewhere in a retention pond off a highway somewhere in Jacksonville. Having brought my Ruger LCP .380 and I wasn’t thinking much of it. Once around the pond halfway around and as I was heading back towards my car, I saw this guy walking towards me out of nowhere. I immediately started walking to my car and at that moment he got closer.

He Came Out of Nowhere

I think he was some homeless guy or something because he just came out of nowhere. I started to get scared as I frantically got closer to my car with my fishing gear. Soon as I got inside and locked the doors, I could see the guy walking towards my vehicle from the passenger side window. That was when I put my car in drive and sped off.

All I remember was seeing the guy in the rearview mirror throwing his arms up as to why I was trying to get away. When the guy was walking towards me and was asking me if I had $50 to spare, I told him no. I told him please get away from me. At that point, I was unsure whether or not I was gonna have to pull my gun out or not.

Things Changed

Before this incident, while fishing, I felt as though I really didn’t need to carry, now no matter where I go, I always carry my gun. I was so scared that day when I went home, I told my neighbor and she was like “Omg, did you carry your gun? Had I not carried that day and things escalated, I probably would have been in a different scenario.

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