Where Do I Start?

Making the Decision: Part 2 – What do I Need To Know?

What do I Need To Know?

What you need to know before totally jumping in and buying your first gun? Well everything of course!

But seriously, there are a few things to think about along with the previous questions of  “Do I need a gun” and “Can I use a gun” in order to become a responsible gun owner. When it comes to owning a gun you also need to think about how will it affect others around you. You will find yourself asking “where would I even keep it? What else do I need along with the gun? How do I know it is safely stored?”

“Know where your firearm is at all times”

When it comes to gun ownership, you need to know where your firearm is at all times and knowing that it will not get into the hands of someone it shouldn’t. This not only means an attacker or thief in your home, but also includes children, elderly, or even a wandering house guest. These are people in your everyday lives who you are now responsible for keeping safe around your firearm. In the Children and Guns area of the website, there are some great articles on situations like these.  

Along with that thread, safe firearm storage is a must. You need to know that your firearms are in a safe location where others cannot find them or get to them without you knowing. There are so many options for safes and different storage alternatives. They range from small cable locks to huge 20-gun safes. There is even even furniture that hides your gun in plain sight, like in a frame or under a coffee table! I recommend you read through our Gun Storage section to find a system that works best for your needs and lifestyle.

There Are Both essentials and non-essentials

Ok, proper gun storage has been addressed, so what else will you need to know? There are quite a few things you need as a gun owner that relate to either shooting it, cleaning it, or storing it. What Do I Need is a great article that goes through the specifics of what you need when just starting out. Or, if you are needing a break from some of the more serious topics, feel free to check out my articles Home Decor for Patriotic Gun Lovers  or Perfect Products for Patriotic Pets for some other “non-essentials” for gun owners!

But if you are still raring to go and want to continue learning all you can, please go on to Making The Decision Part 3: Let’s Learn About Guns


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