Where Do I Start?

Follow Your Intuition

In July 2018 I terminated a maintenance tech for drinking on the job and abandoning the job. 2 months later he threatened to kill me via email. I filed a police report and was told to get an order of protection. That day I went to a local gun store to buy a gun. Completely overwhelmed I went to the range counter and asked about CHL classes. The instructor put me in the basic class the next day and the advanced class the following weekend. On Monday I called the courthouse and after many transfers were told a judge would not give me a protection order unless there was a pattern of threatening behavior over two weeks. I went to my boss and told her what happened and she wouldn’t take it seriously and dismissed the situation and said: “He was just drunk, he is harmless”. I joined TWAW after my classes and trained. I borrowed and rented guns until I found d the one that called to me. I carry every day, everywhere except where it’s a felony. Fast forward six months. The man gets trashed, steals a handgun and shotgun from family. He drove up and down his ex-wife’s road-hitting mailboxes. He walked onto the ex-wife’s property and threatened her adult son who took the shotgun away from. Him. He left, the police where called and he was found passed out in the backseat of his car behind a neighbors shed. He is now in prison for 2-4 years. I am educated. I am empowered and I will not be a victim

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