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Don’t Mess With Mama – Survival Stories

Don’t Mess With Mama Survival Stories
Submitted by various customers
Several years ago, my husband and I were camping at a non-regulated camp area along the Mississippi River. Our 3 young children and 2 other families were with us.  There were a few other campers scattered along the banks. We always take a handgun with us, as there were coyotes, coy dogs, raccoons, etc in the area. Saturday night the men decided to go do some night fishing, as was the norm every time we went. The 2 other ladies and I were sitting at the campfire not 20 minutes after the guys took off in the boat. 2 guys from out of nowhere walked into our campsite and started asking questions “Where’d your men go?” “How long they gonna be gone?” “Expecting anyone else?” One of the men had a large knife on his belt. I got up, went to our tent, told the kids to stay in there, no matter what, and grabbed my 9mm. Came back out, grabbed my camp chair, set it right in front of my tent, and holding my gun in plain view, but not aimed at anyone, told the 2 men they needed to leave NOW! They both got a look at my gun and took off. I sat there like that all night, til the men got back from fishing. Was never so scared in my life, but knew what I would do to protect my children.
This was before cell phones, and even if I’d have had 1, we were in a remote area, who knows how long it would have taken for someone to show up. I have no idea what their intentions were, but I do know I ruined it for them!

June 2012 someone was knocking on my door at midnight.  We don’t typically get visitors after 5pm.  I called the police.  The (idiot) 911 operator insisted that I go to the door!   The person knocked for at least five minutes as I prayed the police would come before I went to the door.  (By the way the 911 operator was rightfully subject to an internal investigation and disciplined.).  I argued with this operator about going to the door.  She insisted and going against my better judgment I got my gun, racked it and was ready to stop whomever it was in their tracks.  We have a window in the door, so I could see them but of course they’d see me too.   I pulled the curtain back and stuck my gun up to the glass and said “You need to leave now.   Go!”   Without getting into specifics, this person was a criminal and had no good intent.  They left and the police did not arrive in time to find them nor be of any help to me.   Defending my child and myself was MY job and I did it.  I meant what I said and was prepared to stop this person cold if necessary.   It was stupid to obey the operator but I did and at minimum was able to show myself not a victim but an angry homeowner and mother with a gun I was fully prepared to use.  Message received. They hightailed it off my porch.  Situation sorted.


One More Fierce Mom..

I used to live in a house that was at the end of a 1/2 mile long dirt road (no other houses on the road).  It was also a full mile as the crow flies from the next nearest house.

I was washing dishes one day to look up and see, out my window, a man walking across my back yard.  Some houses on the main road had been broken into, so I grabbed my .45 and keys, locked my children blissfully watching TV in the house and walked out to the back yard with my pistol down at my side.  I followed the man to our boat shed where he heard me behind him.  He turned, looked at my face, glanced down at the pistol by my side and RAN to his truck parked on the dirt road that ran down the back side of our property.  He skidded out of there, never to be seen again.

I tell people this story as an example of how guns PREVENT crimes from happening.  I never had to even point it….just it’s mere prescence was enough to deter this alleged thief.

Now my daughter, a 2 year old at the time, shoots national championships on the university rifle team…a 3rd generation gun girl as her grandmother holds several world records in international Black Powder Shooting.

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