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The Night My Alarm Went Off

My story is not one of survival per se, but I feel it is definitely relevant to a woman’s right to protect herself.

I grew up around guns and have always known how to shoot guns. I have, for years as an adult, owned guns for personal protection. However, I always had doubts in the back of my mind about whether or not I could actually pull the trigger when my gun was aimed at an actual human being.

All of that changed for me in April of 2012. My husband had been out of town for work for several weeks and I was home alone. Around 2:00 in the morning my security alarm went off. Initially, I was a little confused and thought it must have been the cat or something non-threatening that set the alarm off. I grabbed my pistol just in case. When the alarm company called, they notified me that two sensors at the back door had been triggered.

More Than One

The alarm contact sensor as well as one that senses a strong vibration, like a kick. I waited in the hallway of my house for the police to arrive, pistol in hand. They confirmed that at least two people (because of the number of objects used) were attempting to pry open the back door.

That’s when the actual fear set in. Were they here to steal something or were they here to harm me? Who knows! All I knew was that my sense of security had been violated. My fear quickly turned to anger and at that point, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was very capable of shooting someone in defense of myself or my family’s safety.Shortly after that incident, I applied for my concealed carry permit and very rarely go anywhere unarmed. I refuse to become a victim and I get very defensive of my right to protect myself. I never want to be in a situation where I wish I had a gun to protect myself or others and don’t.


People who might think I am paranoid, I would venture to say, have never experienced a violation of their own sense of safety. Until they have they shouldn’t judge anyone else’s desire or means of protection and self-preservation.

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