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How Would You Handle These Two Scenarios?

Republished with permission from our friends at Concealed Nation

From time to time, I am going to have some articles that throw out hypothetical situations that could happen while you’re carrying, and ask what you would do based on the information given. It’s always important to play through an entire scenario all the way to the end. If you want, walk through different steps that you may take, depending on what happens next. It’s all up to you. Many times, we stop at “I’d shoot the bad guy” and don’t go beyond that. Let’s change that each time a new scenario comes up. Play them out.

How it Works

For each scenario, we’re going to assume that you’re carrying your firearm. After all, it’s no good anywhere else if you need it immediately. Here’s a quick list of things to consider while you’re deciding what you’d do:

– Assess whether you draw your firearm or not
– Figure out what to do to get others out of harm’s way, if necessary
– It’s up to you to decide what happens beyond the information given for each scenario

Example: If someone is trying to break into your house, it’s up to you to finish the rest of the story. Maybe the bad guy got in… what do you do then? Maybe you scared him off by yelling through the door that you are armed. The playing field is wide open.

Scenario #1

You’ve just pumped gas and are walking into the gas station to buy a candy bar and a soda. As you’re walking back outside, you see a man opening your driver-side door of your vehicle that is still at the pump. He’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and you don’t see any visible weapons. He looks to be about 50 lbs heavier than you, 4-5 inches taller, and roughly the same age. You are about 50 feet away and he’s just sitting down in the seat. You can see him fumbling around inside, and you assume he’s looking for keys or valuables. Every single pump at the station is occupied, so many people are in the immediate area. What do you do?

Scenario #2:

It’s 11pm on a Friday night and you’re inside your home watching a movie with your family. For the purposes of this scenario, you are home with your wife/husband and two children, aged 3 and 5 (yes, the kids are still up). You hear a very loud knock at the front door. As you get up off the couch, you see a shadow figure walk past your back window. Someone else continues to knock loudly at your door. What do you do?

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8 thoughts on “How Would You Handle These Two Scenarios?

  1. I thought it was great how you build hypothetical situations and determine how you would react to them. My sister walks home from work by herself late at night, and she often feels concerned for her safety. It might be beneficial for her to purchase a gun and take classes that can teach her how to properly use it.

  2. Virginia says:

    #1 I would yell at the guy to get away from my car and run towards it. With all the pumps full and cameras everywhere his chance if hsrmung me are slim to none. I would also yell for someone to call 911 as I do not carry my phone near gas pumps.
    #2 kids run to bathroom and close door. One spouse is at back of house and one at the front door. One tells they are armed and calling 911. The designated spouse calls 911, gives address and yells they are on phone with 911 and they will be shot if they enter the house. This happened in my neighborhood only it was a single mom. Daughter called 911 mom announced person would be shot. They cane in anyway and she shot him.

  3. Andrea Jawor says:

    In the first scenario, my life would not be in danger so I would go back into store and dial 911, although I would be aware should the man get out and come toward me, where my firearm is should I need to use. In the case of the second scenario, (my husband does not carry, I do) I would have him call 911 and move family upstairs behind several locked doors. I would draw firearm and be ready while backing myself into a corner where I could see both areas.

  4. Catherine Sharp says:

    The first scenario- I would yell loudly for the man to get away from my vehicle and say I was calling 911.
    The second scenario- is a setup for a home invasion. I would not open the door, I would yell out that I saw both men and was dialing 911. If the pounding continue d, I would tell the person to get away from my door and I was armed (weapon drawn listening for intruder entering my home from behind as well). I would continue to yell that I had a weapon and would shoot to protect my family.
    Any intruder has been verbally warned and would be shot.

  5. Michele Fisher says:

    Scenario #1: go back inside & have the clerk call the police Scenario #2: call the police & stand armed inside waiting for the person to enter after shouting to them that the authorities are on the way .

  6. Diane Patton says:

    1. Never leave your car unlocked but if you do and have your keys with you, immediately press your car alarm button and announce loudly for person to leave your car. Do not approach the vehicle but return to gas station and ask manager to call 911. No one wants to get in a shoot-out at a gas station.2. Do not open door. Immediately call 911 and let person/persons know you are armed and police are on the way. Keep rest of family safe in another room keeping an eye on both front door and back entrance with your firearm.

  7. Patty says:

    #1 wouldn’t happen. I never leave my car door unlocked. # 2 Move everyone to my back bedroom . View the security camera while calling 911. My husband would post at the farthest forward end of the hallway, I would post at the end of the hall by the bedroom door low. My husband would announce loudly leave now I’m armed and continue loudly. If someone makes entry and moves toward him they would be shot. We have actually practiced this so we are confident in our rolls.

  8. V. N . says:

    First scenario- I pretend to forget something and walk back into the store and call the police. It’s not safe to fire a weapon around gas pumps and/or crowds if possible. Let the police handle it.
    Second scenario- I would immediately shut off the lights and get kids to a safe place and call 911. I would then wait to see what point of entry they are coming in and I would be in the shadows (behind something protective) waiting for them to get both feet inside my house where upon the second foot touching down in my residence, I would open fire aiming at their head and their center mass, but mainly their head.

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