Where Do I Start?

Making The Decision: Part 4 – How Do I Use A Gun?

How Do I Use It?

“How do I use a gun?” This may sound like a simple question to some, but if you’ve never shot a gun, let alone held one, this is a very intimidating thought. So don’t be afraid! It’s ok to ask the question, “How do I shoot a gun?”

This image shows different aspects of shooting a firearm. These include sighting your gun, recoil, trigger pull, your grip and stance

how to shoot topics

Some other skills to practice are racking the slide if you will be using a semi automatic, loading and unloading your gun, and more skills are highlighted in our training and handling section.

By reading the above articles, you will have a firm foundation of knowledge and skills of handling firearms. But the journey is just beginning! You have made the decision to adopt a new way of life where continued training and practice will be a must. Your new skills are perishable and will fade with lack of use so it’s important that you keep your knowledge and skills growing. Please read more about this in my article The Importance of Practice.


I also recommend you find an instructor you like to work with. We have a great resource that allows you to find TWAW certified Instructors near you! Look at our Directory Here.

You can also join a TWAW Shooting Chapter which allows you to get the practice you need along with the comfort of being a part of a welcoming community.

Ready to find your perfect gun?

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