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Take Back Your Power

This is not my story. This is a story that I relay from a friend of mine who has since passed away.

She and I became friends in 2002. She had escaped an abusive relationship. She was 49 years old at the time. When I met her she was scared. She moved into a place and use my name on the lease because she was afraid he would find her.

Let me back up a bit. She was afraid of guns.

I was raised with guns and I convinced her to buy a Glock. I took her to the range and taught her how to use it. I had a piece of furniture made that she could hide the gun in and it would pop open with a magnet. I told her to keep the magnet in her purse. over the next few months, I taught her how to use it. She became very good at shooting but she still was a bit afraid.

One evening we sat down and played cards and after cards, I taught her how to take the gun apart and put it together. We practice a few scenarios and all of a sudden she was not afraid of the gun anymore. It was like once she got to practice taking it apart and putting it together and unlocking the storage device she was not afraid. After that moment she became a different person. She was happy and confident. For those of you who’ve never experienced unbelievable fear, you will not understand what is like all of a sudden to not to be afraid anymore.

The person she left was also the father of her two sons. Unbeknownst to us, he had established a relationship with the youngest son who was 26 at the time. He told the boy that he wanted to apologize to her and that he had moved on with his life.

This abusive mother f***** actually followed her son to her house on mother’s day. He then waited until about 2 in the morning and then tried to break in.

My husband had installed a couple of locks on the door so it was not easy for him to break in. She heard him and got her gun and greeted him in the front room. He did not think she would shoot but as I mentioned before she was not afraid. She shot him in the leg and then as he was waiting on the floor and she called the police.

We really believe he would have killed her because he had tried it several times. For all you women out there who have lived in fear, trust me on this, no amount of therapy or psychotropic drugs works as well as a well armed woman.

Take back your power. If you decide to buy a handgun go through the training and store it in a safe place.

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