New Gun, Where Do I Start?

Making the Decision: Part 3 – Let’s Learn About Guns

Let’s Learn About Guns

You are here because you have made the decision to become a responsible gun owner. You’ve read up on your local laws, you mapped out how to keep it safe, and now you want to learn about guns

Knowing the lingo and understanding where the parts are located and what they do is essential to have in-depth conversations with other shooters.  I’d also add that it is a real confidence-booster! There is nothing like going into your local gun store and seeing the clerks face when they learn you actually know what you are talking about.

The first stop would be to get an overview of the different parts of the sem-automatic, or the revolver. These articles will help you understand the parts being talked about and should be read before moving on to how they actually work.

Once you have a good understanding of the parts, you can move on to How A Revolver Works or How A Gun Works. 

learn about guns

What About Ammunition

This is sometimes a term that is not really thought about until you have your gun. You’ll see things like caliber, FMJ, hollow point, .380 vs .38 (yes, they are VERY different)- so many terms it could make your head spin! I have tried my hardest to demystify ammunition and you can read my break-down here Ammunition Demystifier – Overview. I have also compiled articles on all different aspects of ammunition, such as what rounds make a good self-defense round, the meanings of all those different abbreviations you see (like JHP, SWC or +P), and about other aspects of ammunition. These articles can all be found under our “About Guns” section under Ammunition Basics.

There is a lot to learn about guns, their parts, how they actually work, and the different types of ammo and when to use them. Knowing these before you shoot a gun really helps you understand what is going on when you do shoot. It allows you to be safe because you know what you are dealing with.

“You need to know how to safely handle a gun before laying hands on one.”

There is one thing that is essential to learn before you start shooting is firearm safety. You need to know how to safely handle a gun before laying hands on one. This is not just for you, but everyone around you. Negligence and injury from negligence can be avoided by always following safety rules. Please take a moment to read Firearm Safety Rules. These four rules MUST always be followed. If you are not willing to keep these rules on the forefront at all times, do not handle a gun.

After getting through all of this information (I know there is a lot to take in!), you WILL be able to confidently discuss and handle a gun.

Now let’s look at actually shooting a gun in the next article Making The Decision Part 4: How Do I Use a Gun

Do you want an easier way to learn about guns?

Check out our online course Woman & Guns: The Basics! Learn from the comfort of your own home, on your time, all in one place!

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