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Driving Alone

I was driving on an empty part of U.S. 80 out west and had just come out of a truck stop where I’d gotten gas and something to eat. A truck followed me out, and the driver was next to my car, then in front of me, then in back of me, over and over with the driver and passenger very obviously looking over at me driving alone. I very calmly took my .357 out of the place I had it (I have a CCW) and put it on the passenger seat of my car. That was the last I saw of the truck; they took off. I don’t know if they had planned to actually do me any harm or were just messing around, but I didn’t want to wait to find out. A female sheriff’s deputy whom I knew had a similar experience driving her personal car although it was a car following her, not a truck. She told me that she put her gun up by the window so that the driver of the other car could see it, and the result was the same. The other driver took off and didn’t bother her again.


Feature image by Steve Freling of Motor Oomph

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One thought on “Driving Alone

  1. Dawn says:

    If you raise your gun up to the window for them to see isn’t that brandishing a weapon? I like the idea of being able to warn them I’m armed, but I don’t want to be illegally brandishing my firearm.

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