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Black Friday Scare

It the was morning of Black Friday and I finally had a day off from my new job. My dogs (shepherds) began barking like crazy about 4:30 AM. We have a lot of deer that use the dry creek bed behind me as a highway so I dismissed their barking. Then I heard a voice. I had left my exterior lights on and as I looked out my window I saw a man in my backyard talking and walking towards my home. You have to climb a fence to get into my back yard, my blood turned to ice.  I had no idea how many others were out there.
A month before this, my sister’s boyfriend who was in the special forces took me out and helped me pick out a shotgun and taught me how to shoot it. Thankfully, I had taken it out of my closet and leaned it against the wall beside my bed that night.
I dialed 911, grabbed the shotgun, and moved downstairs where I could better see what was going on. My downstairs is all glass doors and windows facing into the back yard. Dispatch assured police were on the way, but had no ETA. The man I could see was smoking and taking and walking around. I had no idea how many more may be out there with him. He came onto my back porch.
I moved to the kitchen behind the bar where I had cover but could see him. I saw him put his cigarette out and I waited to see what he would do. Still no police. He came up my stairs to my door and leaned over and taunted my dogs who were all but breaking through the glass doors to get at him. He came up to my door and began working the doorknob trying to get in.
I decided at this point he was a dead man. He had crossed the line and was intending to get into my home. I put my cell on speaker, set it atop the bar, and not seeing a weapon in his hands decided to show myself.
I stood across from him, just the glass separating us. I racked the shotgun (Remington 870 tactical) and waited for him to leave. The special forces guy said that will run anyone off. Well, most anyone but this perp.
He kept trying to get inside. I held the shotgun up to his head. I yelled 3 times- “I will kill you! I am in fear of my life! Leave!” I wanted it crystal clear on the 911 tape it was a justifiable shot. I decided if he tried the door once more I would kill him. He wasn’t getting inside. I moved my finger to the trigger. I waited for his hand to move. At the last moment he lifted his hand and stumbled into the back yard. It took all I had not to open that door and chase him down. I was beyond furious at this point. This was all over in 8 minutes. The police arrived at minute 24. He was caught in the back corner of my yard.
He admitted to being high on cocaine. Police only charged him with drunk and disorderly and public intoxication. Once I got the police report I discovered he lives behind me. He still does.
If I had not had a weapon and had been shown how to use it he would have gotten into my home.

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