Where Do I Start?

They Stole My Car But Not My Will to Survive

I was 21 years old and shopping at the local supermarket. Being 21 I was purchasing beer and jellybeans for an Easter time party with all my close friends. I proceeded to walk out to my car in the parking lot when someone approached me from behind and stuck an object in my back and said get in the car. I giggled thinking, though cruel maybe, it was a friend joking with me, and turned my head around.

Pushed Into The Car

As soon as I did that he SLAPPED me and said, “I said get in!” At this point realizing it wasn’t a joke, I was pushed in the car over to the front passenger side. Much to my surprise another gentleman opened the front passenger door and got in and threw me onto his lap. So I was riding with two males. I was scared. Fully knowing that I was probably not going to get away from two men.

My head was wandering….. The first thing they did besides sitting me on the one’s lap ( made me very uncomfortable) with supposedly a gun in my back, is they put my knit cap over my eyes. So, I was scared and blinded. I asked to please get out and was told to shut up. While driving I stayed amazing calm. Every once in a while, requesting to get out of the automobile with no luck. They were speaking to each other in a different language which now I believe to be Portuguese.

Deep Breaths

I kept taking deep breathes trying not to cry or let them know I was scared. I wondered why no one on the streets driving couldn’t see a young lady with a hat over her face being driven in that car. Wouldn’t that be weird? Wouldn’t you question it? We drove for what seemed like an hour but honestly was probably only 15 minutes.

Eventually, they started to speak English again. One of the abductors told me that we were going to drive behind a building and I was to get out and stay there. Don’t run, don’t take the hat off over your eyes, don’t scream or anything. I shook my head yes. They pulled in somewhere took my leather jacket, car, purse, jelly beans, and beer, but not my strength to survive. They opened the door and pushed me out.



It was like a movie set. As I was running and they were in reverse trying to exit this skinny alley between two buildings.  crying uncontrollably, I was running as fast as I could. I reached the street and kept running. They pulled out of the alley and exited down the road in the opposite direction of me.

I kept running and crying and as cars went by I tried to stop them. No one seemed to want to help. Who would want to stop for me I looked a mess? Probably like a crazy lady. About a half dozen cars went by til one young man pulled over. He gently said, “Are you ok?” I couldn’t talk. I’m not too sure why, in shock maybe….. So I shook my head no. He asked if I needed a hospital. Once again I shook my head no. Then he said how about the police and I shook my head yes.

An Angel

He asked if he could give me a ride. For some reason I trusted him, I believed he’d give me a ride. I felt he was like a guardian angel sent to save me. So I said yes. He got out of his car, took off his jacket, and came to the passenger side of the car, opened the door, wrap his jacket around me, and helped me in. He drove me to the police station walked me to the front doors said I was going to be ok now and then left. I never got a name or anything but I was so grateful. So happy for him in my life at that moment.

For about 10 years after that incident, I was so anti-gun. It wasn’t until I met my now ex-husband. He was a hunter, military and taught me a lot about guns, but they still scared me. If they were out hunting or target practicing I was afraid to be out there. I still wouldn’t touch them.

My Decision

Finally, after my divorce, I had my son and daughter and we moved to a small town in Colorado. I always worried about how I would ever protect my kids if a situation like a home invasion or something would occur. You see I’m 5’4” and 125 pounds, not the toughest looking gal around.

I finally walked into this army /navy store with my son. He is a smart young man and started asking the owner questions about all the pistols. My son knew a lot. I wasn’t surprised because his dad was a great teacher. I stood there and listened and got more and more interested.

At some point, I went back on my own and asked some of my own questions. He said ask away. I said I feel stupid. He said no question is stupid! We talked for about an hour and needless to say after our talk I signed up for the 3-day pistol permit class. I Passed! They made me feel so comfortable and now I feel empowered. More able to protect myself and my family. It was the best decision I had made in a long time!

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