Where Do I Start?

If I Were You I’d Get a Gun

Met my kids father when I was 18 and for 7 years I was beaten and abused (he almost killed me twice) finally got the chance to get away in September of 2011 but unfortunately he knew where I was and continually threatened me and anyone that would harbor me so I got a restraining order unfortunately the courts made a mistake and sent him a copy with my address on it he showed up and stood across the street as I came outside so I called the police not only did the officer tell me there was nothing he could do even after I showed him the order and asked him what I was supposed to do wave it at my ex. he then gave me a tip “buy a CCW and learn how to use and buy a gun don’t become a grave marker” I was specifically told “if he comes on your property again it’s to do you bodily harm and possibly murder you if I were you I’d get a gun and protect myself. ” took what he said to heart and I’ve since learned everything I can and have been out shooting as much as possible.

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