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15 Forgotten Benefits of Shooting – Infographic

There are some real benefits of shooting. As a Well Armed Woman, you know that the significant benefit of owning and training with a firearm is that it can save our lives, right? In fact, that is the driving reason most women buy a gun and learn to shoot. We also know it breaks the chains of fear of our self-protection that we as women live with, raising our confidence as we live out our lives. These benefits are huge and important to us.
I think we also would would agree that going to the range to train is just down right fun too! Getting to try new guns or working successfully on a new shooting skill, especially with others is so rewarding. There is just something so satisfying when you hit your target. I find, it is quite relaxing and stress reducing as well. The sounds, the smells can be just so soothing.
Check out this fascinating infographic from Minute Man Review. It highlights some of the benefits of shooting we may have forgotten or don’t often think about or realize. There are so many! Don’t let anyone tell you that shooting isn’t good for you, just look at all of these reasons!


15 Benefits Of Shooting

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8 thoughts on “15 Forgotten Benefits of Shooting – Infographic

  1. Cantrelle says:

    I saved this as in my pinterest board as a reminder to come back to. Thank you so much for this great infographic of advice!

  2. Darlene says:

    This is a great infographic! I agree with it all!!!

  3. Vivian Lazzaro says:

    Great list of psychological and physical benefits!

  4. Those are really the traits of responsible gun owners provided that he/she goes through all the seminars and teachings of responsibilities and privileges.

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