Where Do I Start?

I Can’t Go Back Home


In the dark, I heard voices in the still of the night. Home alone I woke up startled. I peeked through my bedroom window but there was nobody there.

Six weeks later I got an intuition-like feeling I can’t explain at the San Francisco airport. Those voices I heard that night six weeks prior were fresh in my memory. All flights were canceled that day going into Texas Fort Worth. I remember saying  “I can’t go back home” and leave out on Monday. I stayed in the airport for 12 hours refusing to go back home for no apparent reason except a dream.

The Phone Call

I arrived at Chicago airport and turned on my cell phone and it was ringing. I let it go into voicemail. As I proceeded to walk to the next fight the phone rang again. This time it was the sheriff’s department in California. I thought “Am I in trouble?”. I answered the phone as the sheriff began to ask, “where are you?”. I was hesitant to say since I didn’t know if someone would tackle me in the airport. Finally, I told the person on the line. “I am in Chicago!”

A sigh of relief on the end of the phone as they began to explain that someone entered my home looking for me and when they could not find me they threw a pipe bomb in my home just in case I was hiding since the alarm dispatched the sheriff. They only had minutes to do the job. Little did I know my daughter and boyfriend hired a hitman to end my life for an inheritance.

Things Are Different Now

This is how I got started in firearm training/self-defense. Lesson learned I will always listen and pay attention to my intuition. No threats were made just silence in the air. Thank you for letting me share.

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