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Making The Decision: Part 5 – Finding The Best Gun For Women

Find The Best Gun For Women


The options seem endless when it comes to the number of guns out there. If you are new to the world of guns, you may find yourself asking “are there specific guns for women?” “How do I find the best gun for women?”

Well, my answer to that question is there is no “best gun for women.” Instead, there are guns that are “best” suited for individual people. There is a “science” behind finding the right gun for you- but don’t sweat it, it is an easy science!

“This decision must come from you and not from what someone else might think is a good fit for you”


We have many resources on The Well Armed Woman on helping you decide what gun might work for you.

Here is a helpful 4-part video series that tackles some important things to think about when you start this process Choosing Your GunThere are aspects such as your hand size and your hand strength. You will need to be able to have a good grip on the gun and be able to user all the controls. You need to think about the way in which you will use this gun. Will it be for home defense or will you conceal carry every day?

We also have a great resource of gun reviews by women for women. Read about the different aspects of different guns from a woman’s point of view. This can help you narrow down your choices! Gun Reviews

In our section have a whole section called Best Guns For Women on the top guns women are buying, and guns good for certain ailments such as arthritis or weak hands.

“the ability to take your life back from fear is priceless”

The journey to gun ownership should be a long one. No, you didn’t read that wrong, I meant it! It is a journey where you take your time to learn what it truly means to be a responsible gun owner. You need to make sure it is a tool you will be able to use if that time arises. You must also be willing to understand and keep up on the laws surrounding gun ownership and use in your area. Most importantly, you will need to put in the time to practice gun safety and consistent training.

The payoff you get is immeasurable. The confidence you gain from having the skills to protect yourself is astounding. Whatever the reason you have for needing to get a gun for self protection is, the ability to take your life back from fear is priceless.

Ok, so you have read through all the questions you have to ask yourself. You have researched and learned the basics of all the areas you need to. So, now it’s time for the fun part!

Finding your gun!

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