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If I Wasn’t Carrying Concealed…

the pWaiting In The Parking Lot

Monday, my husband was enduring a 4-hour interview at Banner Neurological Health center in Phoenix while I waited in his truck in the employee parking lot behind the hospital.

I sat belted in the driver’s seat with doors locked and windows halfway up because it was warm.

All at once from behind the truck bed came 2 Hispanic punks in black hoodies, one holding a gun.

Give Me the F…ing Truck

He yelled,” I want this truck! Give me the f…ing truck!” Strictly on instinct, I drew my puny 380 Ruger, turned and aimed my pistol at the brat aiming at me, and yelled, “I  don’t think so!” This flattened the second guy up against the car beside me.  I yelled again saying GET OUT OF HERE!…NOW!”

They both turned and ran through the parking lot behind the truck. (I rather hope they both crapped their pants). It took an hour of police interview and dusting for fingerprints. I doubt there will be any arrests.

I tell you this, not because I am one bad-ass grandma with a puny handgun, but because it is so important to carry one and to be prepared to use it.

What Would Have Happened Had I Not Been Armed?

If I had not been carrying concealed, my husband would have come out to the parking lot and saw no truck, no suitcases of clothes, no groceries from Costco, and possibly no wife, with no ID which was in my purse with all my cards and cash. He may never have known what happened to me or his truck which would quickly be sold for parts. (My parts…not so much…) My Jesus was so close to me that day.

Ladies, my situational awareness could have been much better, make sure yours is better than mine.

Things like this happen any time of day, anywhere. The neighborhood I was in was evidently a bad one, but any town can be just as dangerous.

Be safe out there.


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