Where To Begin As a New Woman Shooter

I know the decision to own a gun is a very serious and complicated one and I commend you for educating yourself by looking into it thoroughly. Whether you are thinking about firearms for protecting yourself, loved ones, home or as a recreational activity, there are many things to consider.

Every life-changing decision has to start somewhere. Presented here is a 3 stage process to guide you through. Before you begin, I would recommend that you read the stories on the Women's Stories page. They are powerful, real-life stories and testimonials that are quite inspirational. 


Step 1: Do You Need A Gun?

Step 2: Could You Really Use It? - Making The Decision

Step 3: Understanding The Laws

If you have gone through Steps 1 - 3 and believe that a firearm is a valid option for you, continue on...


Step 4: 

Step 5:

Step 6: 

If you have made your decision and are now or will be the owner of a firearm, continue on...


Step 7: 

Step 8: 

Step 9: