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More resources available for surge of women buying guns

Cincinnati shop owners say there is surge of women buying firearms

UPDATED 7:19 PM EST Dec 15, 2015

CINCINNATI —More women are taking charge and putting safety in their own hands.

Cincinnati shop owners said there’s a surge in women buying guns. Now, more resources are becoming available for women.

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Amber Buriff is helping to create a sisterhood of well armed women. The Well Armed Woman is an organization where feminism and firearms meet.

“We really emphasize training,” Buriff said.

The national nonprofit organization meets once a month. There are chapters in every state, including four in the Greater Cincinnati area. It’s aimed at educating, empowering and equipping female shooters.

“It’s incredible to have a woman come in, who has never touched a gun before, and is absolutely terrified. If you see her within a couple hours, her confidence just soars and she just feels so much better when she leaves,” Buriff said.

Premier Shooting and Training Center in West Chester hasn’t opened yet, but women are already knocking on the door and asking about protection.

“It’s top of peoples mind,” general manager Jim Lentz said.

Premier Shooting and Training Center is a shooting range, self defense training center and retail shop all under one roof.

Lentz said it’s important to offer a variety of options because not everyone will find confidence in a gun.

“It doesn’t have to be just about the firearm. You can learn how to defend yourself.
We have many women’s self-defense courses. These are non-weapon based,” Lentz said. “My personal belief is that everyone has the right to defend themselves and all a firearm is, all a gun is, is a tool that makes it easier. But if you’re not ready for that, then let me teach you other ways.”

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