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More Oklahoma residents seeking gun permits


Reported by: Lynn Casey

More than 60,000 hand gun permits were issued in Oklahoma just last year.

That’s more than double the number of licenses issued two years ago.

FOX23 went to the 2A Shooting Range and spoke with a group of women who are always armed.

They call their group the Well-Armed Women’s Club, Broken Arrow Chapter.

They meet weekly at the 2A Range and we caught up with the club members Monday night.

We asked them why they think more people are getting gun permits.

“In the Tulsa community I don’t think people feel as safe as they used to,” said Laurie Doerner.

Her fellow club member Leslie Pennington agreed.

“Crime is everywhere. It’s not just in a certain part of town; it doesn’t just happen in certain areas,” said Pennington.

Doerner also said there are people out there concerned about their Second Amendment rights.

Some might be worried that if they don’t get their permit now that right could be taken away.

“You know, saying this is my right, this is what the constitution says. I do have the right to bear arms. And the way that I can demonstrate that is by participating in that process,” explained Doerner.

Pennington isn’t sure the recent change to Oklahoma’s gun law has made more people want to get permits.

The change allows people with a permit to carry out in the open.

“Part of conceal and carry is someone who may be watching you without your knowledge — that person doesn’t realize that you’re armed and I think really that’s kind of an advantage to you,” said Pennington.

FOX23 asked what they think other women should do if they’re considering buying a gun.

Penning said it’s a safety thing for many women.

But they both say education should be a major focus throughout the process of getting a gun.

“You can’t just pick up a gun and think, ‘OK well I can do this.’ There needs to be more education,” said Pennington.

People in the gun industry say mass shootings are inspiring more people to get their permit.

These women say it’s not just the mass shootings; local crime is also a contributor.

“We are more aware of those kinds of events going on and people are afraid. And so that’s one way they can protect themselves,” said Pennington.

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