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Known for Firearms, Promotes Self Defense

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 11:37 PM EDT NEWTOWN, Ohio (Angela Ingram) —

A group that trains with firearms puts down guns and picks up different self-defense techniques.      “The Well-Armed Woman” put on a survival workshop Tuesday night.  It’s a group usually known for firearms, specifically training women.  But Tuesday evening the group was not at the range to shoot.  The Cincinnati East chapter of The Well-Armed Woman was hosting women and men at a self-defense seminar.

We’re known for firearms, but self-defense is more than that.

Beth Rees, the chapter leader, said, “You can’t always have your firearm with you.  There are places we cannot go.  We can’t take our firearm with us.  So we need something other than just a firearm to make sure we understand that we are aware of our situation.”    A packed house of people thirsty for knowledge listened to Debbie Gardner of the “Survive Institute.”  Gardner and her husband, Mike, were both former law enforcement officers.  And for more than 30 years they’ve taught people how to protect themselves and others from criminals. Debbie said, “You attack a sweet mom and she’s not sure what to do.  You have her visualize that well he’s not attacking you, he’s attacking your kid.  ‘Oh, I’ll kill him.’  Everything changes when we visualize who we love when we’re scared to death.”

What techniques were taught?

The Gardners focus on breathing techniques and they said whatever a person has in their hand if they’re attacked can be an effective weapon.  And although many people in the room choose firearms for personal protection, they were also learning when there are no guns around they can still be safe. The “Survive Institute” frequently puts on seminars in the tri-state area to help families learn self-defense.  The Cincinnati East chapter of The Well-Armed Woman will host a Cincinnati police officer and his canine at its next meeting.

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