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Women-only gun club opens in Cherokee County

CBS Atlanta News


Gun sales are rising, and according to industry experts, it is women who are buying firearms at an increasing rate.

“Women are the fastest growing group of gun owners and newer shooters world wide,” said Joni Gommo.

Gommo is the president of the Cherokee County chapter of the Well Armed Woman shooting club.

“It is just a group of women who enjoy shooting who want to get together with other women and shoot and feel comfortable in what is typically a male-dominated sport,” Gommo said.

The women meet at Big Woods Goods once a month to practice shooting. The chapter has been around for less than two months, and has 50 members.

“The first time I went to the shooting range, the noise overwhelmed me and it scared me,” said Rebecca Fischer, the group’s youngest member at 21 years old. “Mostly there are older members in the club. It would be nice if we could get younger women in here.”

Although Fischer said she doesn’t care who she shoots with, Gommo said many in the group enjoy shooting with other women.

“Women and men, they learn differently. It’s a sport that has mostly been about men, it’s never been something that has welcomed women with open arms until we sort of tip toed into it,” said Gommo.

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