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The Well Armed Woman’ shooting club quick on drawing numbers

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The name of the organization sounds like a new western movie: “The Well Armed Woman.”

Instead, it’s a real-life national gun club made up exclusively of women. And the popularity and attendance at the Louisville chapter meetings have doubled since the women began meeting in April.

Renee Jones and Pam Davis are co-presidents of the Louisville chapter of The Well-Armed Woman, what Jones says is an Arizona-based gun club aimed at teaching and empowering women about firearms.

“The whole goal of The Well Armed Woman is to educate, equip and empower women as far as shooting is concerned,” said Davis.

The women’s gun abilities range from novice to expert.

“We also have single women and women with domestic violence in their background who feel the need to protect themselves,” said Jones.

On this night, at the TG&G indoor range in Louisville, the meeting is packed with 33 women. The monthly meetings are a mix of real-life scenarios and range time with a firearms instructor and police officer.

“This right here is an excellent weapon you start swinging this around but there’s still a lot in there,” said instructor Jim Sherrard, referring to a woman’s purse.

Sherrard, who is also a West Beuchel police officer, went over scenarios with the women during the classroom portion, talking to them about the effective ways to defend themselves against a home intruder.

But the group is not always serious. Jones and Davis try to mix in some fun with door prizes like AR-15 earrings. And Renee admits she matches what gun she brings to the range based on mood. So we ask: is that the crossroads of feminine and firearms?

“Hell yeah,” she blurts out, followed by an audible laugh.

Many of the women at the club told WDRB News they feel empowered to be learning life-saving skills. Others began attending to overcome a fear of guns. Friendships are developed and allowed to grow.

“Absolutely, and it strengthens the ones that were already existing,” Davis said.

The women meet the first Tuesday of every month. A $15 fee covers gun rental and range fees. The annual membership for The Well Armed Woman is $50.

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