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#NotMe Day Reflections

.WOW! Just WOW! I know that doesn’t sound very sophisticated, but it’s all that could come out of my mouth as I watched hundreds if not thousands of women all across this country participate in #NotMe Day on Saturday, June 1st.

Photos and stories flooded social media. As women came together to show, no, it was more than that, it was more like DECLARE that they refuse to be victims. On #NotMe Day, each woman fired 3 rounds to symbolize: I am empowered, I am prepared, and I refuse to be a victim.

Some joined local TWAW Shooting Chapter #NotMe Day events around the country. Some went to their local ranges on their own and some shot their rounds on their private property. You can see all of the inspiring photos here.

Many women shouted each declaration as they fired their rounds. Some cried as they pulled the trigger. Some wrote personal statements on their targets, and some shared their powerful testimonies of surviving violence in the past. To say it was a powerful experience is an understatement!




Nothing is more empowering for a woman than to take personal responsibility for her protection. 

Nothing is more empowering for a woman who has had to personally endure violence to be able to declare with confidence #NeverAgain!!!





We all see the unprecedented assaults on our Second Amendment rights. Women who are undoubtedly more vulnerable to and the prey of violent criminals speaking out in solidarity from every corner of this country sends a powerful message. These women are truly free, and these women refuse to be bound to fear.  Women are and will be a powerful force against the restriction or loss of our rights.

I am so incredibly honored to stand alongside these women and very proud of their strength and courage. They indeed are my heroes!

Thank you to Susan LaPierre of NRA Women for the inspiration for this event, TWAW Shooting Chapter Leaders for creating wonderful local events, the ranges across the country that welcomed women,  Nine Line Apparel for the beautiful #NotMe shirts and to Action Target for our #NotMe Targets.

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2 thoughts on “#NotMe Day Reflections

  1. Steve says:

    YES!, YES! and, did I mention YES! I’m an old guy, 67yrs. Not a fat old guy, I still cycle a few thousand miles a year (ex-racer), ski (water & snow). My beautiful girlfriend is 63. We’ve lived together for 9 years. We took the CCL course together a few years ago. At first, she was uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a gun. She was NOT uncomfortable stashing a few loaded guns around the house when I was out of town on business. Her favorite is a 1979 S&W 4″ Model 10 with custom walnut target grips. Nice gun! She keeps it in a quick access safe. After being followed a few times while walking the dog, she admitted that she would have been a bit more comfortable with a gun on her belt. She’s now ready to get her fingerprints re-done and apply for her CCL. I bought her a compact 9mm for her 63rd birthday. Neither of us is likely to ever shoot anybody.

    I have two daughters (now 19 & 22). We taught them to shoot when they were 10 & 12 years old. Hammered the “rules” into their heads. They can recite them without hesitation. Neither has ever fired a gun at an indoor range. We used an outdoor “family” range in WI or, the family farm in IL. They’re both now about 5’8″, 110 lbs. of athletic muscle. They’re really pretty small girls. Of all the guns they can shoot, they favor the .45 1911’s. It feels like a “real” gun. Both can put a dime sized hole in the bullseye at 25yds with a rifle. Their eyes are better than mine and, their hands steadier.

    My girlfriend, my older daughter and i took the “Advanced First Aid, CPR, AED, traumatic injury and gunshot wound” courses together. My older daughter is a straight “A”, honor roll senior in pre-med and an RA in a dorm. She wanted to have the ability and the equipment to save lives if anything happened to “her” students. We have full “trauma kits” in the dorm, cars, house and boat. For the cost, we could have just bought more guns.

    The reality of violence is that, whether or not you shoot the “bad guy(s)”, you, me, yours, mine or a complete stranger has probably been badly injured. I’m not likely to be too concerned with the “bad guy(s)” but, I’m not going to stand by while you, me, yours, mine or a complete stranger dies. And, it doesn’t take a violent act… just an ordinary accident. In Vegas, a few people had “trauma kits” in their cars. They ran, got them and ran back into the “line of fire”. We only have 1 tourniquet in each kit along with clotting sponges, sucking chest wound seals, Israeli bandages… they could have used 100 …and somebody, with their hands full, who could TELL a person how to apply it to their loved one!

    With Julie Morrison in Illinois and Diane Feinstein in Washington, I built a 300BLK AR for myself (deer), bought an M&P .556 for my girlfriend and built a nice .556 AR for my older daughter. As a hunter, I never really had any desire to own a “pip-squeak” AR but, really object to the bills aiming to take them away from us. I want my daughters to teach my granddaughters as I have taught them.

    I’m 100% behind the “NOT ME” movement but, my personal preference is “NOT ME, NOT MINE”.

    Old Steve

    1. Steve says:

      Addendum: It might not be a good idea to mess with my girls.

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