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The Top 10 Guns Women Bought in 2021

The Well Armed Woman Survey Data is in and so is the list of top 10 guns women bought in 2021. This is one of the first things I look at and analyze. I can’t wait to see which guns women actually bought. What guns did they actually spend their hard-earned dollars on?

This data is based on women’s responses to the question of what specific handguns did they buy in 2021 and is not specific to use. We will be releasing this data on the guns women carry next week!

Women are avid researchers, so I know they didn’t make this important purchasing decision without really knowing what they wanted. Each woman of course, will have their personal priorities and features that they specifically want, but when you look at the big picture that the data offers,  you can glean which of these drive their decisions. When you overlay that over past years’ data, it’s really powerful and informative and helps to understand, who the female gun buyer is. Before I get to all of the insights, let’s take a look at this year’s Top 10 Guns Women Bought list.


*3000 women surveyed

Fascinatingly, these are almost the same pistols that ranked in last years Top 10, but with some shifting in order. Clearly, these brands and models are providing guns with the features women are looking for. This year brings one new brand and model to the Top 10 list. The Kimber Micro 9.

Things That Stand Out In the Guns Women Buy

A couple of things stand out to me from this list:

  • All of these brands and models are consistently in the top 10 (See previous years’ Top 10 Lists here)
  • Women appreciate the higher capacity
  • Guns with smooth, easier racking slides rank high
  • Women are not just buying small guns.
  • It isn’t all about caliber. Women are looking for the best gun that they can handle and shoot effectively. These priorities appear to rank higher than the caliber of the gun.
  • Grip size matters. All but one of these have what I would consider a smaller, more manageable grip for a woman’s smaller hands.

Other Strong Performers

Let’s take a look at the other top-performing guns in the survey.

11 and 12 on the list were the Ruger LCPII and LCP, respectfully. Note: If you add these two models together – it would have placed in 6th place.

13.  Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Revolver

14. Sig Sauer P938

15. Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0  Note: if you factor these numbers in with the Shield results above (not the EZ’s) it would place the Shield in the #3 position.

There were a couple of brands that didn’t have a gun model in the top 10 or 15 but I want to highlight. In the data collected, three manufacturers stood out to me. There were an awful lot of Taurus, Canik, and CZ guns purchased this last year. Standout models were the Taurus G2, G3, and TX22, Canik TP9, CZ Shadow, and P10. Also again this year, the HK VP9  had a big showing.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Guns Women Bought in 2021

  1. Muriel says:

    There’s an obvious preference for pistols and the larger magazine. Do any women even entertain the idea of using a revolver? I myself am looking for a revolver that takes 9mm rounds — based on re-reading the article Carrie Lightfoot wrote about ammo weights. With hands not what they were when I was much younger, the weight of the handgun and the weight of the ammo make a difference. Amazing how little choice there seems to be.

  2. Sarah Gruszynski says:

    I chose the Glock 43x for myself. I had it narrowed to the Shield Plus, P365 & 43x. I chose the 43x because it was the only one that I could drop the magazine one handed.

  3. jessie says:

    How many ladies completed the survey?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Jessie,
      We had over 3,000 women submit the survey!

  4. SANDIE BOCK says:

    I wonder if it is the S+W Shield EZ 9mm that sold the most was with or without the safety that was optionable? I like the gun but when I went to buy one I found the ONE they had, had a very loose magazine so I refused it and they are ordering one straight from S+W and hope the workmanship is better on the one that comes to the store. The other problem is it is going to take a couple of months. I LOVE S+W and have the Shield 9 but hard to rack so getting the EZ, I have the Chief Special .38, and I have a small 380 that I am not crazy about the trigger having to be pulled way back before it fires. Women need to protect themselves, itis not nice out there and that is from a 77 yr old woman.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      That’s a great question Sandie, we didn’t gather the data on whether the Shield EZ model was purchased with our without the safety. If I had to guess, I would suspect that it was probably a pretty even split. But, I don’t have the data. Sorry to hear about the long wait on getting one, the industry is pretty busy these days!!

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