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Women Bond During Gun Club

FAIRBORN– Women in the Miami Valley (Dayton) are finding a new and surprising place for a little girl time. Female gun owners are connecting on social media, and bonding at local gun ranges.


The club is called “The Well Armed Woman.” They formed in February of 2013 and in just one year have grown from 41 to 115 members.

“I’m like yeah hoo sign me up!” said Tammy Davison, the newest member of the club. She joined after her husband bought her a handgun.

“I’ve been in a situation where I wish I had one,” Davison said, “It made me more aware of how critical it can be to protect yourself in a fraction of a second, you never know when something’s going to happen.”

“I’m a mom, and it matters a lot to me that I want kids to know that firearms aren’t toys, but you can also teach them to safely use them,” said member Katie Dittalo. She joined for fun but also to protect her family.

The group was founded by Becky Frame, who says she started the group because of her girlfriends.

“Every time they would say ‘Can you teach me how to shoot?’,” Becky said.

Club members learn all the ins and outs of the world of firearms; how to carry, load, and fire a gun.
Owning a gun isn’t a requirement to join, and members range in age from twenty-one to eighty-three.

“A lot of our older members are recent widows,” says Becky, “And They’re alone for the first time. So safety is a real concern.”

Women are the fastest growing demographic in the United States to own a gun.

“The Well Armed Woman Club” is giving women a safe place to ask questions and get the right answers.

The group’s next meeting is March 22nd.


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