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Women’s Gun Group Organizes in Texoma


News12 KX11
By: Morgan Downing
Updated: Fri 10:51 PM, Mar 15, 2013

SHERMAN, TX — A new women’s gun group has started up in North Texas, and they met for the first time Friday night in Sherman.

The women we spoke with tonight were all there to improve their gun knowledge and skills. They’re all excited for this new way to learn.

A shooting that took place in Karla Pohl’s community sparked concern and led Pohl to buy a gun and get her CHL. She’s not the only woman who seeks protection.

“There is a bulging market of women wanting to get involved,” Pohl said.

So, Pohl decided to bring the national group — Well Armed Woman — right here to North Texas, with the goal of getting women together to learn all about guns and safety.

“And that’s what the Well Armed Woman is designed to do. To teach women, with women. Make them feel comfortable, and not a lot of testosterone around, and just for women to feel at ease because guns are somewhat intimidating,” Pohl said.

Friday night was the group’s first meeting at Red River Firearms. These women say their safety is important to them, so they want to improve their gun handling skills.

“We certainly wanted to be much, much more familiar with how to use it,” Patty Roberts said.

“The world changes and things happen. And if you’re prepared, if you’re not deathly afraid of the gun, then you’re a lot better off,” Lorraine Bock said.

This mother daughter duo says increased crime and recent gun control measures were the reasons they wanted to take part. So, after learning gun range etiquette, it was time to hit the range for some practice.

Patty Roberts says she’s excited about the boost in women getting involved and says this is the sign times are changing.

“We are much more independent. We don’t expect our husbands to take protect us as much as you know, before, the past generations. Because I will know how to protect myself,” Roberts said.

It’s not too late to join the Well Armed Woman. The group will meet the third Friday of every month at Red River Firearms.

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