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Women and Guns – Another Household Tool

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Cindy

Why Women Should Not Be Afraid to Handle Guns

Women and guns are not a bad or even an unusual combination. Women are frequently taught to use appliances such as stoves, microwave ovens, convection ovens, curling irons, irons, sewing machines, and other household items that can be deadly or dangerous in the wrong, untrained, careless, or distracted hands. My first encounter with an iron has made me cautious and wary of them. I never trust that it is cool unless I have checked it myself firsthand.

You may be asking, ‘How are sewing machines dangerous?’ A finger in the wrong place can cause the needle to sew through it. Past personal experience reminds me that irons and sewing machines are dangerous to my own hands. There are other household tools that women should be taught to handle with respect as well. These tools are for self protection. Guns are tools that can be used to protect and defend. Guns should be handled with respect and care. If you are not afraid to cook, you should not be afraid to handle a gun because stoves can cause fires that can set the house on fire and kill anyone inside; yet many of us – female and male– cook on a regular basis without incident. It is in the ‘knowing how’ that takes away the fear. 

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