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The Well Armed Woman Comes To Sumter

Eastover, SC (WLTX) — The best way to start an organization is with a bang.

“Hey, women want to shoot too,” Debbie Brown said.

In Sumter, this group of women keep their nails painted and their guns loaded.

“It is fun, I enjoy it immensely because it’s almost like a stress releaser,” Brown said.

Brown picked up shooting less than a year ago with her husband.
And had no idea so many other women are interested in the hobby.

“It makes me feel great that there’s other women out there that want to shoot and are willing to get together and shoot as a bunch of women other than going out and cackling and shopping,” Brown said.

“We don’t want the men sitting there saying, ‘Oh, let me show you how to do it,’ no. We want to be encouraged, we don’t want to be bullied,” Sherrie McGraw said.

McGraw is the chapter leader of a new organization called “The Well Armed Woman”

And just because their guns are pretty doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

“These tiny little pink ones can make a lot of noise, too,”

Although there are many gun enthusiast organizations, McGraw says there’s nothing like female Camaraderie

There are organizations out there for us women to be educated and equipped and empowered,” McGraw said. “And to have a safe, friendly training environment where we can get together and practice and learn from each other with a whole bunch of friendly women.”

To find out more information about the Sumter chapter, contact Sherrie McGraw at


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