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Range day with the The Well Armed Woman – Northeastern NC Chapter

by Jason Lundwall on October 11, 2013 in Gun Talk
Had a great Afternoon at the range! The Northeastern NC chapter of The Well
Armed Woman invited Rangehot to one of their meetings.I wasn’t quite sure
what to expect. Well, let me say, this is not just a social club. By that,
I mean it’s not just a Sunday afternoon gathering. These women are serious
shooters. The meeting started with a meet and greet and then it was down
to business. They pick a topic to cover, today it was NC HB937. This
portion was covered by Paul Smith, owner of Front Line Defense in
Warrenton NC. Paul is a former ARMY sniper and firearms instructor.WAW-5-1After a question and answer session on the recent changes in firearms
legislation, it was time to hit the range. Apparently, every meeting is
held at the range. I like it already. Instead of just punching paper, Paul
brought a shot timer and set up a fun course of fire. 3 IPSC targets at
random distances, load 6 rounds and at the beep double tap each one. Then,
drop the mag, reload and go again. I saw everything from a Bersa .380 to a
few 1911′s. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The chapter meets the first Sunday of every Month at Frontline Defense In Warrenton NC. Their next meeting is coming up on October 14th in Raleigh NC at Eagle One. 


The well Armed Woman is all about empowerment, education, training,
firearms maintenance and networking. Women teaching women, and it must be
working. They currently have 105 chapters, 3 of those are in NC. All of
this was created by Carrie Lightfoot of AZ. Rhonda Hayes and Tammy Richards  started the Northeastern NC Chapter, the first chapter in NC. Rhonda and Tammy are also certified basic pistol instructors and range safety officers. Rhonda also serves as TWAW state leader and assists with creation of new NC chapters and mentors their chapter leaders.

I encourage any woman, 21 years and older, who is remotely interested in firearms instruction
to find their local chapter or start one in their area. If one is not available contact Rhonda Hayes for more information. This is a great group, dedicated to safety
and education. Men have their clubs, it’s great to see something like this
for the Ladies!



Rhonda Hayes can be reached at


Frontline Defense

Hunter Elliott photographer

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