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Posted: Apr 14, 2013 6:55 PM MSTUpdated: Apr 15, 2013 8:59 AM MST

LOCUST GROVE, Oklahoma –

A Green Country group plans to be armed and ready in a moment of crisis.

They’re part of a group called “Sweet Shots,” and on Sunday, April 14, 2013, it offered a training course in Locust Grove that was strictly for women.

These 60 Oklahomans share something with women across the nation.

“They are the largest group of new gun owners in America,” chapter leader Kara Gage said.

And they are taking aim at learning the fundamentals of gun ownership.

“We want to make sure that they can use them properly, care for them at home, with safety, safety, safety being the number 1 thing,” Gage said.

Before hitting the Cedar Creek Range, they went through a training course on how to handle a firearm.

Some of them are newbies.

“I’ve been a gun owner now for eight days,” Broken Arrow resident Brittany Dampf said.

Others have a little more experience.

“I’ve only been shooting probably the last couple years.”

And while some of the shooting instructors may be men, you’ll only find women pulling the triggers here.

“It’s a lot more comfortable. It’s a friendly atmosphere,” Dampf said.

For $10 plus the cost of ammunition, this program allows them the ability to try out a variety of handguns.

“The main thing is being able to pull the slide back on a semi-automatic,” Leggett said.

“It’s just like picking out a good pair of shoes, you need to be the one that tries your gun on,” Gage said.

They join more than 50 “well armed woman” chapters across the nation made up of nearly 800 members. There are two chapters in Oklahoma, the one in Locust Grove and another in Oklahoma City.

The women said the group and training empowers them.

Learn more about The Well Armed Woman.

“Knowing that I have the knowledge to save my family if need be if there’s ever a crisis,” Dampf said.

Usually a crisis is unpredictable, no matter where you live.

“Even in the nicest neighborhood, somebody can come in your door at 2 in the morning,” Leggett said.

Each woman may have a different view about the gun control debate. However, they don’t talk about it much.

“We try not to be real political about it,” Page said.

But they all understand the importance of respecting the firepower they carry.

“Because they’re aren’t any accidents,” Gage said. “It’s either carelessness or ignorance.”

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