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Introduction to Carrie Lightfoot for 2018 NRA Board – Ammoland

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USA – -(  I am honored to have been nominated as a candidate for the National Rifle Association Board of Directors and to have the opportunity to share here with you why I am running, what I would bring to the NRA Board and to ask you for your vote.

Why I am Running

As the most influential and formidable defender of our Second Amendment rights, the NRA is armed American’s sword and shield, and there is no place I would rather be than standing with them on the front lines of the battle to preserve and protect these rights. There is no organization with the access to legislative action and with the influence necessary to preserve and protect our Second Amendment rights as the National Rifle Association. It is the voice of the American gun owner against an enemy that threatens the American way of life and it holds accountable those in whom we entrust with the reigns of governance.

The rights that the Bill of Rights secure, are not “given” to us by the government, nor is the government “allowing” us to have them. Rather, they are rights we have as human beings, imparted to us by our Creator, God and are protected and secured in the Bill of Rights. These are protected and “set apart” as such so no person or government can take them away or infringe upon them. The attempts to legislate them into a “government given” right is unacceptable and we each must do all we can to preserve them as they were meant to be.

What Do I Bring To The NRA Board Of Directors?

As the owner of The Well Armed Woman, my passion and work are women’s armed self-protection. I bring the unique understanding of the American woman gun owner to the NRA Board of Directors. Women are primarily coming to gun ownership because they want the ability and the tools to protect themselves and their loved ones. As the largest and fastest growing demographic in the industry, it is critical they have representation and become engaged in a significant way. I believe women are and will be instrumental in the advancement of Second Amendment issues and in the fight to protect our rights.

My understanding of who she is and what is important to her will allow me successfully give them a voice in the Second Amendment conversation.

My Promise

I promise to do my best in representing every responsible gun owner – man, woman, and child. I am committed to working tirelessly to advance and grow the acceptance, respect, and influence of all gun owners. There is what I consider an unacceptable misrepresentation of the American gun owner. I will champion you and accurately represent the truth of who American gun owner is: responsible, safe, intelligent, capable and courageous. I will work to support the next generations of gun owners and the diverse cultural and political tapestry that is the changing face of the American gun owner. I will do my best to transform the misperceptions of those outside of the firearms community.









What Experiences Do I Bring?

I have been blessed with extensive leadership, business, and non-profit board experience. I understand board dynamics and how to get things done as part of a team. As the founder and Chairman of the Board of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters non-profit, we have successfully built the largest woman’s shooting organization in the country with 376 chapters across the country in less than four years. I also had the honor of leading the team that designed the first charter school in the state of AZ. Successfully navigating this complex educational legislation and creating one of the top performing schools in Arizona. I also served as the schools first president. I founded and led a disaster relief organization that worked to restore hope and rebuild lives following Hurricane Katrina and was the Chief Operating Officer for a ministry that served the homeless and those struggling with poverty.

As a business owner, I have a track record of being able to take an idea and effectively bring it to life and bring value to my customers. Before starting The Well Armed Woman, I created an e-commerce business called The Garden of Glass that sold crushed recycled glass used in landscape design, interior design, terrazzo and in fireplaces. My products were featured on numerous HGTV and DIY home improvement shows.

What Skills Do I Bring?

I am a believer that God has a plan and purpose for all of us, and that He uses everything we have been, everything that we are, and every skill we possess for good.

I believe some of the most significant strengths I bring to the table are my strong relationship building skills and my ability to communicate and articulate a message effectively. I am a no-nonsense person with the confidence to not only carry a message but to hold fast to what I believe to be true. My common sense “see it as it is” and “speak it as it is” style keeps me on track to accomplish what I set my sights on without distraction. I am a problem solver who is not only adept at recognizing a challenge, but comfortable taking them on to work to effectively addresses them successfully.

Honestly, I am a workhorse and am driven to accomplish any task I set my mind to and. As a leader, I am skilled at keeping my team focused, on task, and completing projects with excellence.

Your Voice

For the NRA to effectively and accurately represent you, your voice must be heard and understood. I believe one can only successfully serve and represent others when he or she truly knows what his or her constituents need and want to be able to effectively bring their voice to the cause. For me, this can only happen by being extraordinarily accessible and involved on a daily basis with the people I serve. Having excellent lines of communication and creating opportunities to connect with people is vital. It is important to me to have relationships and to build trust, and this is not something a leader can ever delegate to others. I believe this can only happen through direct and personal interaction. As I travel the country extensively and have the opportunity to meet and hear from so many gun-loving Americans. I also find that social media is a valuable tool and one I use daily to connect with people. The bottom line is I am always available and accessible, and I depend on hearing from and talking with those I am committed to serving. There can be no successful business, organization or board of director’s position without this commitment to accessibility and to relationships.

You can connect with me in a number of ways: I would love for you to follow me and to reach out to me on Facebook or The Well Armed Woman page

Your Vote

Your vote matters, it matters a great deal, and I would be humbled and honored to receive yours. You can count on me to listen to your needs, to communicate them clearly and to tirelessly work to represent you and fight to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights.

Who Is Endorsing Me:

I am honored to have the endorsement of the following industry giants and Second Amendment hero’s who have placed their names alongside mine and placed their belief in me:

Liberty Safe, Ruger, USCCA, Crossbreed Holsters, Gunsite Academy, Thunder Ranch, Clint and Heidi Smith, LWRC International, Gun Toten Mama’s, Girls With Guns Clothing, Sticky Holsters, Honor Defense, Lt. Col Dave Grossman, Sandy Froman, Kimberly Corban, Gabby Franco, Antonia Okafor, Phil Chaney – Senior instructor at 88 Tactical OH, and Author Liz Lazarus.

~ Carrie Lightfoot

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2 thoughts on “Introduction to Carrie Lightfoot for 2018 NRA Board – Ammoland

  1. Michelle Albanese says:

    I am hoping to find a Womans gun club here in Omaha NE. It seems they are non existent. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can establish one here? There are so many women here that would truly benefit from this. I hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Michelle! Contact TWAW Shooting Chapters, they may be able to help you out!

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