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Well Armed Woman members receive tactical firearm training


News 12 X11 CBS

By: Helen Headlee
Updated: Sat 11:03 PM, May 18, 2013

Members of the north Dallas chapter of The Well Armed Woman are taking tactical training. And their target?

“I’m trying to become more comfortable handling a firearm,” said Sandy Murphy, who attended the training.

“I want to get as good as I can,” said Anne Rowland, who also came out to shoot. “Be as good as I can with a firearm.”

And the training is designed to do just that. Chapter leader for the Well Armed Woman Karla Pohl said shooters should know how to apply their skills.

“We’re learning how to draw from the holster, we’re learning how to clear malfunctions, how to do speed reloads in case, God forbid, we really had to defend ourselves,” she said.
Saturday twelve women ranging from beginners to experts practiced shooting techniques from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on donated land northwest of Gainesville.

After shooting one to twenty rounds depending on the exercise women look at the target up close to see if they’ve hit the mark.

“Shooting around barricades at targets in case we are shooting around the corner in the house in the middle of the night or we’re trying to prevent from being carjacked,” said Pohl.

And some of these women are already hitting a near bulls-eye.

“A lot more confident, my accuracy is improving,” said Rowland.

“I improved my accuracy,” Murphy said. “I’m excited to take back what I’ve learned.”

If you want to join the Well Armed Woman, meetings are the third Friday of every month at Red River East in Sherman from 5 to 7.


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