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Firearm School For Women

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Reported by: Dontaye Carter

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FOX 23

More and more women are buying guns to protect themselves.

Recently, Well Armed-Woman, a group out of Arizona offering gun training to women by women, started expanding their chapters across the U.S.

Two have been started in Oklahoma in Tahlequah and Oklahoma City.

Kara Gage and Dee Page started the chapter in Cherokee County called the Sweet Shots, The Well-Armed Woman, the Northeast Chapter. They also became certified National Rifle Association Firearm Instructors last month.

“Safety is the main priority,” said Page.

“As a woman, I’m a single mother,” said Gage.

These are just one of the many reasons they want to help train other women to defend themselves.

“I’ve been a victim of domestic violence before,” Gage told FOX23’s Dontaye Carter.

The relationship was her inspiration to get gun training.

“I have four daughters and I look forward to educating them and giving them the tools to protect themselves,” she said.

These are the lessons Page and Gage hope to pass along to other women.

They know women can be easy targets for criminals.

“My husband works out of the state most the time. So, I’m at home by myself and where ever I go,” Gage said.

There are other women in the same situation. The Well-Armed group was founded by Carrie Lightfoot in
Phoenix, Arizona. She found it hard getting the help to train and find educational resources she needed as a gun owner.

“A lot of women are intimidated by men and a lot of men will talk down to you and treat you like you don’t know anything and we want to overcome that,” said Gage.

They all hope this group will give women the training and education they need.

“It gives me peace to be able to protect my five children,” Gage said.

The group meets every second Sunday of the month from 2-4 p.m. at Cedar Creek Range near Locust Grove.  If you are interested in joining you can reach them on Facebook.

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