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Idaho’s New Gun Law


By Patty Hutchens

If you already have a concealed weapons permit or are interested in obtaining one, you need to be educated on the recent changes in Idaho. As of July 1st, there are now two different types of concealed weapons permits one can obtain in the state of Idaho – the standard Idaho Concealed Weapons Permit and the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit.

The Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit, which went into effect in Idaho on July 1, requires more extensive training such as the responsible and safe use of handguns, self defense principles and live fire training. The new enhanced permit is now recognized in 32 other states and may see reciprocity in as many as 40.

According to Bonner County resident Hans Feyen, a certified NRA Range Safety Officer and instructor in both the NRA Basic Pistol and the NRA Home Firearm Safety course for the past 12 years, the new law will ensure higher safety standards and a higher level of training for those taking the certification courses.  Previously the only permit available required minimal training and did not have a law component or mandate that one be trained in shooting a firearm.

Feyen recently returned from an intense training course in Nevada where he became certified to teach the NRA Personal Protection In The Home and Personal Protection Outside The Home disciplines.

Kelly Harlicker, who is not only certified to teach the NRA Basic Pistol course and Personal Protection In The Home, but is only one of 60 women nationwide who is certified to teach Well Armed Women courses, teaches the enhanced certification course with Feyen.

“Women learn differently,” said Harlicker.  “We are sometimes intimidated by learning from men especially in an area that has typically been viewed as a men’s world.”  For that reason, Harlicker became trained to teach women all aspects of gun ownership.

“My goal is to educate and empower women in the use of firearms in any situation, whether it is recreational or for protection,” said Harlicker. “Over the past five years, women are the fastest growing demographics in the firearms industry.’

The Enhanced Concealed Weapons class is an eight hour course taught over a period of two days, typically Saturday and Sunday.  There is a law component to the class that must be taught by a member of the Idaho State Bar Association or a police officer who has at least an intermediate P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standards and Training) certificate. “The law component goes over Idaho’s firearms laws and the use of deadly force,” said Feyen.

If a person is seeking an Enhanced Concealed Weapons License, the State of Idaho requires an eight hour training course.  However if a person has never had a previous NRA course, then the minimum total number of hours needed for training is 12.  “This is not an Idaho law but is instead a requirement of the NRA,” said Feyen.

The course must be completed within 12 months of application for the license and class sizes are limited and fill up fast.  Attendees are required to supply their own ammunition. For more information contact Hans Feyen at 208.610.4662 or Kelly Harlicker at 208.755.2617.

“Our primary goal is to ensure people are properly trained, proficient, confident and that they handle their firearms in a safe manner,” said Feyen.

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